November 18, 2022 • Food5 min read

Discover the New Vendors on the JEfB Platform | Just Eat for Business

It's been an exciting couple of months at Just Eat for Business - we've welcomed some fantastic new vendors onto the platform!

Lunch is one of the highlights of the day when you're in the office - it's a chance to take a screen break, socialise with colleagues and most importantly, eat some delicious food. That's why we're always looking to bring you the tastiest, most exciting vendors on the platform. 

Once they've arrived, we love to give them a shoutout too - check out some of the new arrivals below! 

Pasta Evangelists 


Pasta makes everything feel better, so Pasta Evangelists want to make pasta taste as delicious as possible. Inspired by the pasta he grew up making with his nonna in Italy, founder Alessandro's goal was to bring freshly-made pasta and flavour packed sauces to the UK, using only the finest quality ingredients. If there's anyone who knows how to do pasta right, it's Pasta Evangelists. 


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Chicken Shop 


New to the Just Eat for Business platform, Chicken Shop came into existence because they believed that Londoners were in need of quick, tasty fried chicken with house-made dips, hand-made buns and all-round good vibes. Our fave is the 'Straight Up' burger that comes with a crispy chicken fillet, fresh lettuce, buttermilk & herb mayo, and pickles. Did you know that Chicken Shop's burgers come fried or grilled, so you can choose what you fancy?


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Having just joined the platform, what better way to celebrate their arrival than with trying their signature Barbacoa Beef burrito, or a naked burrito bowl? Both classics on the Tortilla menu, they're packed full of great things like rich tomato rice, smooth pinto beans, grilled seasonal veggies, barbacoa beef, chipotle cheese sauce, and is topped with pickled onions & salsa verde - your midweek lunch never tasted so good! 


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Chestnut Bakery 

Screenshot 2022-11-15 at 11.41.21

Fans of fresh bread, buttery pastries and vegan cinnamon rolls, listen up: Chestnut Bakery have joined the Just Eat for Business platform! Their menu contains classics like pain au chocolat and almond croissants, as well as flatbreads with Za'atar and burnt honey, and sandwiches with pastrami - we challenge you to not become addicted to all Chestnut Bakery has to offer! 

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The Sushi Co. 

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We can pretty much promise that almost all your sushi needs are will be met with The Sushi Co.'s menu. It's packed full of sushi rolls, miso soup, poke bowls, salads, hot boxes and platters ideal for sharing. They pride themselves on creating fresh, flavoursome and authentic Japanese food, made using the finest quality ingredients. Explore the menu and take your pick! 


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