November 17, 2022 • Food5 min read

Why Italian Food is Great for a Team Lunch | Just Eat for Business

Pasta Evangelists' dishes are now available for delivery right to your office!

Catering for your team lunch can sometimes be a challenge. As well as making sure everyone likes what's on offer, you also need to cater for a range of different dietary requirements and nutritional needs. At Just Eat for Business, we're big fans of Italian cuisine - from comforting pasta dishes on a chilly day to sharing-size pizzas that the whole team can dig into, there's bound to be something for everyone.

Check out some of our top Italian vendors on the platform right now!

Pasta Evangelists 

Pasta makes everything feel better, so Pasta Evangelists want to make pasta taste as delicious as possible. Inspired by the pasta he grew up making with his nonna in Italy, founder Alessandro's goal was to bring freshly-made pasta and flavour packed sauces to the UK, using only the finest quality ingredients. If there's anyone who knows how to do pasta right, it's Pasta Evangelists. 


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Pizza Pilgrims 

If you want to know how seriously Pizza Pilgrims take their food, the clue is in the name! The founders of Pizza Pilgrims went on a 6 week pilgrimage through Italy, gathering all the best-kept secrets of pizza making from the country's culinary hotspots. Their pizzas are topped with the best ingredients Italy has to offer (like this Puttanesca pizza) and their slow-proved Neapolitan dough really are a cut above the rest

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Coco di Mama 

We'd be remiss if we didn't mention an Italian sweet treat - after all, they're known for some of the most delicious desserts in the world! Coco di Mama's Biscoff Bomboloni are a perfect mini treat if you're craving something sweet after your meal. These mini Italian doughnuts are filled with Biscoff spread and coated in powdered sugar - yum! 

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Homeslice does pizzas, but bigger! Their 20-inch pizzas are perfect for sharing with the team - they go great with Thursday drinks, just FYI... Plus, they come with a range of truly unique toppings, including this chorizo, corn and coriander pizza. It comes with a creamed corn base, chorizo, mozzarella, roasted corn, coriander and spring onions - what better reason to grab yourself a slice of the action?!

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