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Best sandwiches in London you can get delivered

Our definitive guide to the best sandwiches in London, all available for delivery with Just Eat for Business. 

If anything keeps Londoners going at lunchtime, it's the humble sandwich. 

From beautiful baguettes to superior sarnies, the best sandwiches in London take your lunch to a whole new level. So forget about ever getting a sad supermarket sandwich ever again. Instead, let our sandwich guide turn your soggy lunchtime snack into the best bit of your day. 

And in case that wasn't enough? Every single one of these sandwiches is available for delivery with Just Eat for Business. Skip the queues and bring the best sandwiches in London into your office. 

Monty's Deli 

montys deli

Bringing Jewish soul food to the streets of London, Monty's Deli has become an East London institution. And for good reason. 

With towers of salt beef and reuben sandwiches packed with meat and sauerkraut, Monty's Deli create some of the best sandwiches in London every single time. So whether you head to their Hoxton restaurant or Spitalfields Market or even get Monty's Deli delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business, you're guaranteed to make everyone in your office extremely jealous of your lunch.

Which Wich

which wich

Whether you need a break from the boring lunch routine, a quick pick-me-up or even a sandwich that's the size of your head - Which Wich are here to make all your lunch dreams come true. 

Serving superior sandwiches that are crafted with care and filled with all your favourite ingredients, there's no doubt that Which Wich create some of the best sandwiches in London. 

If you're new to Which Wich? Get your mouth around their signature Wicked sandwich, a mammoth sarnie filled with five different meats and three different cheeses. Look, we don't know how they fit it in between bread either.  



Over one-hundred years experience from their family of French bakers goes into every single one of PAUL’s croissants. So you know they should be good.

And reader, they are. Rich and tasty with a crisp crust and a delicious soft centre, the croissants from PAUL prove that the classic croissant is a classic for a reason.

City Caphe 

city caphe 111-1

It's safe to say, we couldn't write about the best sandwiches in London without talking about banh mi. Created by the French colonies in Vietnam, banh mi is a winning combination of both cuisines. Vietnamese skill with barbecued meats, peanut and lemongrass marinades and pickles fuse with its French other half: the fluffy-centred baguette and savoury pates.

And for the best banh mi in London? Look no further than City Caphe

Featuring a whole range of comforting Vietnamese food, City Caphe's baguettes are freshly baked every morning, light and crispy with a soft inside - the perfect vehicle for their beef, which comes thinly sliced with shallots, garlic and lemongrass, along with the usual suspects as toppings. And you can bring City Caphe straight to your office with Just Eat for Business.  

Gail's Bakery

gails sandwiches

With bakeries scattered all across the city, you probably already know that Gail’s is a go-to for a super sandwich in London. 

But let us be clear - Gail’s don’t serve just any sandwiches. On their menu they have some of the most indulgent sarnies you've ever tasted. Sure, they might be mini. But boy are they mighty. 

And you can see just what we mean by ordering a dozen to your office with Just Eat for Business. 



As far as we're concerned, any sandwich-lover worth their salt should have worked their way through the offerings at Sugo

Served in their signature open ciabatta, there's three choices of fillings at Sugo that need to be tried by your entire office. With pesto chicken, melting meatballs in tomato passata and even a vegan option, Sugo serves some of the best Italian sandwiches in London every single time. 

Want to bring the best sandwiches in London straight into your office? We can help!

At Just Eat for Business, we make London office catering easy and deliver the best sandwiches to workplaces in London every single day. No fuss. No hassle. And from some of the most interesting restaurants in the city. 

So if you want to start doing food at work the right way, take a look at the sandwich options near you. 

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