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London neighbourhood guide: Best lunch in Shoreditch

Discover the best lunch spots in Shoreditch and get them delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business. 

Let's face it, Shoreditch is spoilt for choice when it comes to restaurants. 

A creative hotbed that nudges up against the centre of London, Shoreditch is packed to the brim with food from all over the world. But with so many exciting restaurants in Spitalfields, Old Street and beyond, it can be almost impossible to decide where to go for lunch in Shoreditch. And that's where we come in. 

From salt beef sandwiches to Korean bao buns and New-York style slices, these are some of the best lunches in Shoreditch. And as a bonus, you can even skip the queues and order some of these Shoreditch restaurants straight to your office with Just Eat for Business.

The Athenian

 Lunch in Shoreditch - The Athenian

Ever considered moving to Greece? No? Well, after one bite of the traditional souvlaki from The Athenian, you'll be booking your flight in no time at all. 

Serving Greece's most popular street food - a soft flatbread stuffed with tender meats, zesty sauces and rosemary chips - to the hungry East London masses from Box Park, The Athenian might just be one of our favourite lunch spots in Shoreditch.

And the best bit? You can forget about braving the lunch rush to get a taste of this souvlaki. That's becauseJust Eat for Business deliver The Athenian straight to your Shoreditch office instead. Sorted.   

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Rola Wala

 Lunch in Shoreditch - Rola Wala

If bold flavours, vibrant spices and lots of fiery Indian flair are up your street, then Spitalfields restaurant Rola Wala has it all wrapped up - literally. 

Serving sourdough naan wraps stuffed with fillings and flavours discovered on Kolkata backstreets and Bombay beaches, this is Indian street food that's perfect for your next lunch in Shoreditch. But if this Spitalfields restaurant is a bit far from your office? At Just Eat for Business, we can deliver Rola Wala direct to your office. Lucky you. 

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 Lunch in Shoreditch - Butchies

Let's face it, no list about the best lunch in Shoreditch would be complete without an entire section dedicated to Butchies. 

Serving some of the best fried chicken burgers in the whole of London, Butchies is satisfying, no-fuss grub that's the perfect Friday lunch spot for you and your hungry colleagues. Order yourself a BBQ Sunset chicken burger from their Rivington Street shop and you're guaranteed to be happy with your decision. Butchies say their chicken is award winning, but we'll let your mouths be the judge of that - by delivering Butchies straight to your office for lunch. 

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Poppies Fish & Chips

Lunch in Shoreditch - Poppies Fish & Chips

When it comes to lunch, it's hard to beat a classic fish and chips. And as far as we're concerned, Poppies serves the best fish and chips in the entire city - not just Shoreditch. 

Whether you go to the Spitalfields restaurant or the spot on Brick Lane, you can expect fat fillets of flaky fish  with crunchy batter and fluffy yet flavoursome chips. As far as lunch in Shoreditch goes, it's perfect. And because we know that nothing tastes as good as something out of a newspaper, that's how Just Eat for Business deliver Poppies to your office. So get ready for a delicious taste of nostalgia. 

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Monty's Deli

 Lunch in Shoreditch - Monty's Deli

Bringing Jewish soul food to the streets of London, Monty's Deli has become an East London institution. And for good reason. 

With towers of salt beef and reuben sandwiches packed with meat and sauerkraut, Monty's Deli is easily one of the most satisfying things you can eat for lunch in Shoreditch. So whether you head to their Hoxton restaurant or Spitalfields Market or even get Monty's Deli delivered to your office with Just Eat for Business, you're guaranteed to make everyone in your office extremely jealous of your lunch.

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On The Bab

Lunch in Shoreditch - On The Bab

If you want tasty Korean food that's sure to spice up your lunch hour, look no further than On The Bab. 

The menu at this Old Street restaurant features Korean-style chicken in spicy sauce and steamed, meat-stuffed buns that you won't forget about in a hurry. That's for sure. The plates at On The Bab come thick and fast so you're likely to be in and out in hour, making this an ideal spot for a quick lunch. Just remember though, it's a no-bookings place and the queues form early. Very early. 

Beigel Bake

Lunch in Shoreditch - Beigel Bake

There's no doubt about it - Beigel Bake on Brick Lane is a complete London institution. And any London list worth its salt beef would always include them in the best lunch category. 

An absolute go-to for lunch in Shoreditch, we're not sure we've ever had anything better than the salt beef and mustard bagel from Beigel Bake. It's delicious, filling and all under a fiver. Perfect.


 Lunch in Shoreditch - Homeslice

Neapolitan-style pizza may be the standard in London, but Homeslice is far from your standard pizza place.

Serving supersized 20-inch pizzas with some of the most creative and outrageous toppings you've ever seen, Homeslice are known for making some of the best pizza the capital has ever seen. So picking up a couple of slices from their Old Street restaurant is one of the better ways to spend your lunch hour in Shoreditch, but if you're looking to bring a few whole pizzas back to the office? 

Don't haul those 20-inch pizzas all the way back to your door. Order Homeslice from Just Eat for Business instead. After one taste of the chorizo, corn and coriander pizza, you definitely won't regret it.

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