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London neighbourhood guide: Where to eat in Fitzrovia

One of the most recent up and coming neighbourhoods in London, there's an abundance of restaurants to try in Fitzrovia. That's why we've rounded up the best places to eat in the area, most of which you can get delivered straight to your office with Just Eat for Business.

Fitzrovia's latest hotspot, Circolo Popolare

Previously known as the not-so-cool sibling of its neighbouring areas Soho and Marylebone, Fitzrovia hasn't always been a foodie hotspot for Londoners. Just north of the bustling, tourist-laden Oxford street, Fitzrovia's peaceful charm has recently attracted some big culinary names however, and is now full of some of the best food that this city has to offer.  

Incredibly diverse in terms of its foodie offerings, Fitzrovia is home to a range of cuisines one could only dream of. From fluffy Taiwanese buns to heavenly Danish pastries, there's something for everyone in this London neighbourhood - that's why we've rounded up the best places in Fitzrovia to make your way through. 

For a quick coffee and pastry: Ole & Steen

Fitzrovia Guide - Ole & Steen

For those occasions when you want to grab a hot drink and quick sweet treat, this Scandinavian bakery is just the place to go. Named after the founders themselves, Ole and Steen joined forces back in 2008 to create a family of local bakeries across Denmark, making their way to London soon after and boy are we thankful.

Serving some of the best breads, pastries, sandwiches and cakes in town, b
e sure not to miss a slice of their infamous Cinnamon Social: A moist, melt-in-your-mouth Danish pastry filled with swirls of cinnamon and vanilla custard.  Perfectly paired with a cup of their ethically-sourced, high quality coffee, Ole & Steen is the ideal pit-stop when making your way through the neighbourhood. 

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For a fancy dinner: Circolo Popolare

Fitzrovia Guide - Circolo Populaire

Circolo Populare is the most recent addition to the Fitzrovia neighbourhood and has quickly become one of the hottest spots in the area. The latest venture by the Big Mamma Group, this Italian trattoria takes roots from Sicily, focusing on homemade Mediterranean delicacies that will transport you straight to the beautiful Sicilian coastline.

On the menu are a variety of small sharing plates full of fresh black truffle, smoked mozarrella and more, as well as metre-long pizzas that you'll wish you could finish. So if you're a sucker for some homestyle Italian food with a cheeky twist in a vibrant, flamboyant setting, Circolo Populare needs to be on the top of your list. 

For a feel-good lunch: Detox Kitchen

Fitzrovia Guide - Detox Kitchen

Detox Kitchen are on a mission to make healthy, nutritious food taste as good as possible. Using seasonal, high-quality ingredients cooked from scratch in their deli kitchens, This is just the place to visit when you're in the mood for some feel-good food. 

For breakfast there's nourishing smoothie bowls, porridge and banana bread on the menu; and for lunch there's an array of salads and heart-warming soups and stews. With wholesome meals packed with flavour yet full of nutrients at the same time, you know you'll leave Detox Kitchen feeling better than when you entered. 

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For a casual mid-week meal: BAO


For a fun, quick meal in the neighbourhood, look no further than BAO. This contemporary Taiwanese restaurant specialises in soft, fluffy steamed buns with a variety of fun fillings to make your way through. From braised pork with peanut dressing to daikon radish with hot sauce, you'll want to come back to try all the items on the menu. But you can't leave without ordering their Fitzrovia special:  A sesame bao bun filled with battered cod, lemon mayo, hot sauce and more, these flavours are bound to impress your tastebuds (in a good way, of course).

For lunch on the go: Wrapchic

Fitzrovia Guide - Wrapchic

For something slightly different on your walk through the area, pay yourself a visit to Wrapchic. With a desire to modernise Indian food for fast-paced cities like London, this Fitzrovia spot is really shaking up the Indian takeaway scene with their 'grab-and-go' format.

With fusion dishes like Naan wraps filled with chicken-tikka, hummus and sour cream, and Mexican twists like burritos filled with spiced meat, beans, salsa and chilli-chutney, you'll wonder how no one thought of these combos sooner. 

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For your weekend brunch: Riding House Café

Fitzrovia Guide - Riding House Cafe

As all Londoners would know, this city is not short of places to enjoy a leisurely brunch - And Fitzrovia is no exception. One of our favourites in the area is Riding House Cafe; an all-day brasserie boasting a relaxed, warm atmosphere and a menu so broad it'll please even the fussiest of eaters. From brunch classics like eggs benedict and buttermilk pancakes to modern twists like breakfast burgers and kedgeree, Riding House Cafe is somewhere you can count on for a satisfying weekend meal. 

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