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London neighbourhood guide: Where to eat in Camden

With so much to do and see in Camden, we're here to take the hassle out of choosing where to enjoy a great meal. The best part? You can even get most of them delivered straight to your office with Just Eat for Business.

Popular for locals and visitors alike, Camden is one of those London neighbourhoods that has something for everyone. There's the famous Camden lock market, the beautiful canal, plenty of live music venues and so much more. What we love most? The array of incredible food options, of course. With so many choices, we've done the hard work for you and picked out the best places to eat in the Camden neighbourhood. 

Poppies Fish and Chips

 Camden Neighbourhood Guide - Poppie's Fish and Chips

For a classic British meal, look no further than Poppies Fish and Chips. Named after the founder himself, Pat 'Pop' Newland started off in the fish and chips business back in 1952. Fast-forward 60 years, and Poppies has earned cult status in London for serving some of the best fish and chips this city has to offer. 

Though the menu has a wide range of starters, sides, seafood options and more, it'd be a crime to not order their traditional fish and chips: your choice of sustainably-caught haddock or cod served with chips, a wedge of lemon and homemade tartare sauce. It's simple, British food that is as good as it gets.

Feeling like some fish and chips for lunch today in the office? You can get Poppies delivered straight to your workplace with Just Eat for Business. 

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Camden Food Market

 Camden Neighbourhood guide - Camden Food Market

For when you're in the mood for some no-frills street food, Camden is just the neighbourhood to be in. With over 70 different food stalls spread across the area, this neighbourhood market is a foodie's dream.

From vegan hotdogs, Venezuelan hotpockets and yorkshire burritos, to cookie dough, dutch pancakes and churros, you just might need to pay this Camden hotspot more than one visit. Or, spend a full day here and arrive very hungry for a full day of feasting. 

Porky's BBQ

Camden Neighbourhood Guide - Porky's BBQ

For when you just want some soul food with laid-back vibes, Porky's BBQ is just the place for you. After travelling through the United States on multiple road trips, the owners of this Memphis-style barbecue restaurant have perfected the classic taste of slow-cooked soul food. With ribs, wings, burgers and mac 'n' cheese on the menu, there's something for everyone at this South-American joint. Our pick? Their famous pork ribs. Slow-cooked, smokey and sweet, you won't be able to stop at just one. 

Feel like some hearty soul food for lunch today? You can order Porky's BBQ straight to your workplace, delivered by Just Eat for Business. 

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Chin Chin Dessert Labs

Camden Neighbourhood guide - Chin Chin

For when you're in the mood to over-indulge in dessert, Chin Chin is a Camden-must. This science lab-meets-ice cream parlour uses liquid nitrogen to freeze its ice cream, giving it an incredibly creamy consistency one could only dream of.

Start off by picking a flavour, then choose from over 10 toppings and sauces to complete your ice cream experience. The burnt butter caramel ice-cream with hazelnut sand and torched marshmallow is our Just Eat for Business favourite and the perfect treat on a hot summer's day. Or if you're really feeling indulgent, go for one of their decadent ice-cream sandwiches - you'll thank us later. 


Camden Neighbourhood Guide - BIRD

For when you really want to treat yourself, nothing hits the spot better than some fried chicken, waffles and fries. With an aim to elevate London's fried chicken scene, BIRD does exactly that what it says. Serving locally-sourced, free-range chicken brined in buttermilk, tossed in their secret spice mix and fried in 100% British rapeseed oil, the end result is a deliciously crunchy coating with juicy, moist meat within. Enjoy it in a burger, on top of waffles, or just on its own - either way, BIRD will have you returning to Camden in no time. 

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