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Meet the Caterer: Crumble

Say hello to one of the most beloved London caterers on the Just Eat for Business platform. 

Specialising in flavour-filled, nourishing food guaranteed to keep you going until home time, Crumble are one of our favourite London caterers on the Just Eat for Business platform.

So much so, we interviewed dream-team Scarlett and Lyndell to discover how they have become one of the best-sellers with our hungry customers. 

What was your inspiration for Crumble and how did it start? 

Scarlett: ‘We were both working in jobs that were OK but that we didn’t absolutely love. Lyndell was in advertising and I was a lawyer. We both loved cooking and wanted to be doing the thing we loved so we quit and started working in food! Lyndell worked in restaurants and from her experience there, she became certain she wanted to do her own thing.’

Lyndell: ‘I wanted to do something different, to make really great tasting, filling healthy food that wasn’t just the same old thing.’

Scarlett: ‘The office lunch aspect of Crumble, that has been so popular in offices in London, has really come from our knowledge that there isn’t enough choice. Also that lunch is so important to people. It builds you up and energises you for the day – you don’t want to be hungry again at 2.30! A sandwich from Pret every day just doesn’t quite cut it.’

How did you start out with Just Eat for Business? 

Scarlett: ‘A friend of ours tagged us in a Facebook post and wrote a message saying we should definitely become a vendor for Just Eat for Business!’

What was the biggest challenge you faced when you founded Crumble? 

Scarlett: ‘I think I’d have to say rate of growth and trying to manage that – which has been stressful at times! Basically trying to adapt and accommodate for the rapid increase in interest and requirements from the Crumble team.’

Lyndell: ‘Yes we are moving for the 2nd time in 4 months because we keep outgrowing our space – there are lots of logistical challenges! Our current kitchen is on two floors so we are forever running and up and down the stop is Bethnal Green which we can't wait for!'

What is your most interesting experience from your time as founders of Crumble? 

Scarlett: ‘We did an event catering for a 4 day trip to Somerset from London for an office. We were feeding 120 people 3 meals a day plus afternoon tea, which was very interesting and certainly very challenging. Particularly as we are so keen to make everything from scratch, such as Battenberg for tea, we were exhausted by the end – it was a real feat. We also absolutely love Christmas events, everyone is in such a good mood and the atmosphere is great.’

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? 

Scarlett: ‘Still making healthy delicious food for more people across London. We love doing food for such a variety of people and events, weddings and all sorts. Fundamentally we just want to keep doing what we are doing, get bigger, feed more people and have more permanent staff on the Crumble team!’

What would you name as your favourite package from Crumble? 

Scarlett: ‘I’d probably say ‘hearty, healthy feast’ as it’s great to have a tasty healthy salad with a treat at the end! Also we’ve had some brilliant feedback recently from the package ‘hearty, healthy hot meal’ as people are getting excited about having their favourite winter warmers for lunch as the cold weather rolls in.’ 

Favourite restaurant in London? 

Scarlett: ‘Moro is my all time favourite – I love that they have been so excellent for so many years. I love the food, the atmosphere, the style of the restaurant and also their cookbook, which I have!’

Lyndell: ‘Berber and Q – for brunch!’

Favourite food blogger? 

Scarlett: ‘I’d have to say Symmetry Breakfast & Clerkenwell Boy – we follow their instagrams as we love looking at the beautiful photos and the recommendations of places to eat.’

If you could be mentored by any chef, who would it be? 

Scarlett: ‘This is an easy one to answer... Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. Their food is stunning, we love their brand, we love eating in their restaurants, and actually once upon a time before Crumble started, I did a cookery course where Ottolenghi said I had good knife skills...’


Thank you to Crumble for speaking to us for our Meet the Caterer series! If you want to read more, you can check out our interview with the founder of Mexican sensation, Corazón.  

Or bring Crumble into your office with Just Eat for Business instead.

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