May 23, 2024 • Food5 min read

Ole & Steen have arrived on the Just Eat for Business Platform!

You can now order from London's favourite Danish bakery, right to your office desk!

We've got the best news for lovers of one of Denmark's tastiest exports - Ole & Steen are now live on the Just Eat for Business platform! 

Ole & Steen is the place where Danish tradition meets artisanal craftsmanship. With over 30 years of heritage, each of their handcrafted baked goods, from their signature Danish breads that make up their sandwiches to their irresistible pastries, embodies the essence of authentic Danish baking. 
They're committed to using only the finest ingredients, offering a range of freshly baked and prepared breakfast and lunches. Whether you're craving the comfort of one of their iconic Cinnamon Socials or a hearty breakfast roll, Ole & Steen's extensive menu has got you covered. You can get a perfectly-baked, buttery croissant for breakfast, or go for one of their sumptuous salads for lunch. They have some delicious handcrafted sandwiches with both meat and plant-based options, as well as platters and bundles for feeding the team.


Plus, even more exciting news - exclusively created for Just Eat for Business, we're excited to feature the Just Eat Social on the platform! (Image above).

With a little twist on the Cinnamon Social that we all know and love, it's topped with orange jelly beans, ready to enjoy by the slice or to share. So whether you're lunching al' desko, or have an upcoming meeting with your team to cater for, Ole & Steen is ready to deliver a quality and authentic experience that everyone will enjoy. 

Click the image below to access the full menu.

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