January 24, 2023 • Food5 min read

Veganuary 2023: How to Eat a more Plant-Based Diet all year round | Just Eat for Business

Since its launch in 2014, Veganuary has inspired over one million people in 192 countries to go vegan for the first month of the year. Last year alone, more than 600k people took part! The Veganuary campaign estimated this represented the carbon dioxide equivalent of 450,000 flights and the lives of more than a million animals.

If you gave Veganuary a go this month, congrats! Hopefully you've enjoyed trying loads of new vegan treats. We can all agree that eating more plant-based meals helps the planet and is better for our overall health - so why not make a conscious effort in 2023 to try more plant-based foods throughout the whole year? 

With hybrid working now as standard,  trying out a more plant-based lifestyle should be easier than ever. After all, you’ve managed a month so far, right?! Check out some of our top tips on including more vegan meals in your diet, and living a more plant-based lifestyle all round. Plus there are tips in this blog to inspire companies that would like to participate this year too.


Go at your own pace

Of course, you’ll have just finished a whole month of going vegan, so make sure you start slowly. Reintroduce some high-quality meat and fish into your diet - maybe once a week for your team lunch option, or in one evening meal. You can combine this with some of your new plant-based faves and rotate them throughout the coming weeks. Dietitian Julieanna Hever says "Since we're creatures of habit, we tend to stick to fewer different dishes, so start slowly and learn this new language of food without any pressure to be perfect."

Plan your meals 

It’s much easier to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet when you know what you’re eating and any social or work occasions that you’ve got planned in the week. Make time to write a list for the week ahead before you do your food shop. If you still want to keep some spontaneity in your week, why not try some vegan batch cooking? Things like stews, chillies and traybakes are great to heat up and dip into throughout the week.


Stock up on the essentials (and a few treats!)

Stocking up on some plant-based essentials and treats is a great way to include more vegan foods in your diet. Having the right ingredients, meals and snacks to hand it means you’ll be more likely to opt for a plant-based option instead of getting lazy and reverting back to what you know. When it comes to essentials, we’re talking things like fruits and vegetables, pasta, canned tomatoes, herbs, meat alternatives, nut butters and snack bars to keep you going throughout the day. And don't forget about treats - why not order some vegan cookies or brownies for the office?

Get your colleagues involved

It’s likely that you chat to your colleagues almost every single day - chances are, they'll also be up for trying a more plant-based lifestyle along with you! You'll likely feel more enthusiastic about challenging yourselves if you can all support each other. Set up a Slack channel for all things plant-based, share recipes you love and you're bound to feel more motivated for the journey ahead! If you've got an in-office team meeting planned, why not try a vegan option for your lunch or breakfast? LexUnboxed has some great meals to choose from. 

So whatever your individual goals and motivations are for trying to live a more plant-based lifestyle, simply being more mindful of what you eat throughout the year is a brilliant way to look after your health and protect the planet.