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The best items to order from Pure's menu

New to the Just Eat for Business platform, Pure offers a wide range of delicious, freshly made food. We're here to help you decide which items to order from their menu.

With an extensive menu full of good-for-you food, Pure is one of those places in London you know you can always count on. Initially opening its first location on a small Soho street just 10 years ago, it's quickly grown to almost 20 stores across the city highlighting it's popularity all over London. 

Using seasonal, high-quality ingredients in all their dishes, Pure ensures their food is freshly made every day in their store kitchens so you're guaranteed a great meal. From breakfast omelettes and fresh smoothies to healthy snack pots and hearty curries, there really is a nutritious option for everyone at Pure.

That's where we're here to help:  We've rounded up our top picks of what to order from the Pure menu, all of which you can get delivered straight to your office with Just Eat for Business. 

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For a wholesome breakfast: Bacon & Avocado Bagel

 Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

The perfect way to start your day, Pure's range of bagels are deliciously light yet fulfilling. With both toasted and un-toasted alternatives, our favourite is their bacon and avocado bagel: A toasted multi-seed bagel filled with bacon, avocado and tomato then seasoned with black pepper - it's the ultimate breakfast comfort food.

For a protein-fix: Salmon Protein Box

 Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

For when you've just hit the gym and need a hit of protein, Pure's protein boxes are here to save the day. Filled with a mix of veggies, pulses, carbs and protein, these snack packs will keep you full and energised for hours. We love the salmon protein box with hot-smoked salmon, chargrilled vegetables, fresh salad, toasted flaked almonds on a bed of whole-wheat fusilli, all topped with a heavenly pesto-crème dressing.

For a hearty lunch: Thai Red Curry Hot Box

Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

Who knew a hot Thai curry could be so healthy? Pure sure did. Their red curry hot box is just what you need for a hearty, nutritious work lunch on a chilly London day. With chicken, bamboo and water chestnut red curry served with wholegrains, edamame and coconut chips, Pure really knows how to warm the soul.  

For an afternoon snack: Move Acai'd Bowl

 Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

When that 3pm sweet-tooth kicks in, Pure is there to save the day. With a selection of healthy, sugar-free treats from protein balls to yoghurt pots, you'll be saying goodbye to those daily chocolate cravings. Our pick is their açai bowl - An açai smoothie blend of açai berries, avocado, banana and apple juice, topped with a selection of fresh fruit and nuts. Guilt-free, nutritious and tasty, this one is a must-try.


For a healthy salad: Planted Salad Box

 Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

Yes we know - when someone mentions salad, there's only one word that comes to mind: boring. But trust us, Pret's salads are changing the game. With over 8 unique options and dressed with only freshly made dressings, once you try one you'll want to try them all. For your vegan-fix, go for the planted salad box: sweet potato falafel, chargrilled vegetables, sweetcorn, cucumber, super grains and flaked almonds topped with a zesty lemon & chia dressing - you'll be surprised at how good this tastes. 

For a guilt-free dessert: Choc-avo mousse

 Pure - Bacon and Avocado Bagel

Don't worry, Pure loves dessert just as much as the rest of us. So much so, that they've even managed to come up with a healthy dessert range. Their handmade desserts are made of wholesome ingredients and contain no added sugar but believe us, you wouldn't even know. Take their choc-avo mousse for example - A no-dairy mousse made of dark chocolate, avocado, banana and blossom honey, topped with cacao nibs for a slight crunch. At less than 250 calories per serving, you can rid yourself of any chocolate-guilt and just enjoy. 

In the mood to try some of these Pure items in the office today? Good news: you can get all of these items delivered straight to your office with Just Eat for Business, all for the same price as going direct. 

Here at Just Eat for Business, we deliver food from over 600 restaurants direct to your office, making corporate catering in London easy. So if you're ready to do food at work the right way, take a look at the restaurants we can deliver in your area.

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