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The best Japanese food in London to deliver to your office

Bored of desk sandwiches? In our opinion, Japanese cuisine is the perfect food for work – upgrade your office lunches with our top picks inspired by the Land of the Rising Sun.

Already looking forward to Tokyo 2020 this summer? Celebrate the unique and exciting flavours of traditional Japanese cuisine with popular dishes delivered direct to your office with Just Eat for Business. Japanese food tends to be high in protein and low in fat, and full of brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids. It's time to say goodbye to lame lunches and mediocre meeting food, and instead expand your palette (and your mind) with a whole host of new gastronomic delights.

From bowls of steaming ramen goodness to rainbow platters of fresh sushi, let's maki office lunch times something to look forward to. Check out our top picks below and we'll get it delivered whenever you want it. That's just how we (California) roll at Just Eat for Business.  

The Sushi Chef

The Sushi chef

Unsurprisingly, The Sushi Chef knows a thing or two about great sushi. With sustainably sourced fish and ingredients from local suppliers, you know it's going to be good. For big meetings, there's sushi platters with a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian rolls to really impress your guests. Team lunch? Order individual boxes and rolls with our Individual Choice option, letting every member of the team choose exactly what they want.

Not a raw fish-fanatic? No drama – get tempted by hot ramen, traditional Katsu curries, teriyaki, gyozas and more from this epically varied menu. Whatever you order, make sure you pair it with a steaming miso soup. 

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The kings of platters, Abokado really do have it all. Try the 'Best of sushi' platter at your next team meeting and we guarantee the attendance will rocket. Please the raw fish-fearers and veggies with the 'All-cooked' and 'Veggie' options, or try something new with the 'Best of Shwaps' and 'Luxury sashimi'. Grab some edamame beans and seaweed sides for good measure and enjoy an authentic Japanese experience while discussing budgets.

For team lunches, we love the hot boxes! Choose Katsu curries, yakisoba noodles, teriyaki rice dishes and super salads (for those health hunters amongst us). Whatever your afternoon looks like, tackle it with a full stomach and a smile with the help of Just Eat for Business.

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itsu is a favourite amongst us Londoners. Why not skip the lunch time queues and get your favourites delivered direct to your office instead? With Just Eat for Business, you can choose between individual portions or crowd-pleasing platters to keep your team fed with delicious Japanese food. 

There's so much choice and, with itsu, you know whatever you choose is going to be nutritious, healthy and top quality. Big time gyoza-gurus, we're loving itsu's pork and truffle dumplings, or try their veg gyozas in a hot udon bowl!

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All sushi-ed out? Let us introduce you to Waso, serving up tradtional Japanese dishes made with nutritious ingredients such as seaweed, miso and tofu, which are all considered essential elements of a well balanced, longevity-promoting Japanese diet. They use homemade stocks for their curries and marinate their tofu, fish and meat dishes overnight for added depth of flavour. Sounds amazing, right?

Order buffets of miso salmon, karaage chicken, beef suskiyaki and Katsu curry for an epic Japanese spread to really excite the office. Are you a bit of a Joey Tribbiani and don't share food? We get you – there's Bento boxes too! Finish with traditional Japanese dorayaki (red-bean pancakes) filled with matcha custard.

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All the best food comes with a great story, and Omoide's story doesn't disappoint. Owner Angelo’s passion for chirashi sushi bowls started in his teens in Tokyo’s fish markets where his job was prepping fish fresh off the boats fit for takeaway bento boxes across the city. Now Angelo brings tried and tested recipes from the family homes in Japan to Omoide’s menu, whilst using fish caught and delivered fresh off the boats of Lyme Bay.

Omoide’s food is best described as Japanese with a European accent, bringing together traditional flavours and Michelin-starred techniques. Based on a popular multi-course dining experience found across Japan, Omoide showcases popular meals consisting of rice, pickles and soup, all washed down with a chilled green tea. 

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Want to experiment with new cuisines in your office? Our platform makes ordering great food as easy as eating it. And you'll never pay more than us, even if you go direct. London office catering made simple.

Interested? Take a look at the best restaurants in your area - and start the office food revolution with us.

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